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The Q is dedicated to building a safe, affirming, and healthy community that empowers young LGBTQ communities in Austin.
The Q envisions a network of collaborators and partners promoting solidarity, well-being, and the awesomeness of Austin’s queer communities.
An Mpowerment Project of AIDS Services of Austin that can make a difference in the lives of young gay, bisexual, and questioning men ages 18 – 29 by mobilizing these men to shape a healthy community for themselves, build positive social connections, and support their friends to have safer sex. The Mpowerment Project can reach large numbers of young gay/bisexual men in a cost effective manner because it is a community level intervention.
Within The Q Austin space, community partners help create a safe space for Austin’s LGBTQIA communities of ALL AGES by organizing events and outreach to support the Q’s vision. Through this support, the message of safer sex practices and well-being can reach a larger audience while raising awareness for the Q and its mission.
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Q Open Space - Space open for all

What is Q Open Space? Just that, the space is open. You can can come hang out with friends, sur...


Drag Race Watch Party & Show

Its back! The Q Queens and the girls of RuPauls Drag Race All-Stars Season 2! Come out and join ...


Come by The Q's booth to test your luck for some fabulous prizes! #AustinPride2016 #MPowerment #QueerasicPark https://t.co/JJR2Us8Pvn


Rawr! Our Dino Boys are looking good in their custom tanks! Come by our booth and say hi! https://t.co/DfN1yRBhNb

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AIDS Services of Austin
PO BOX 4874
Austin, TX 78765
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